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Las Vegas Joint Merchant Brand Launch

14 Sep


This September, we participated in Co-create, an annual brand event gathering professional buyers, media, ecological partners and business stars.

This summit, like a pair of strong hands, pushed us to more circles, let more people focus on our brand, but also let us have the initiative to deal, which made me very surprised.

A buyer of personal protective products came to us directly and said, "Your workmanship and process accuracy are too good, my product has high precision requirements, can you help us produce?" Such different categories of customers, but because of our product quality and technology, are deeply circle of fans, which is incredible.

The summit is very systematic, from the brand highlights to the authority of the business, can be maximized display and communication, buyers accurately "airborne", find their interest in the brand, more in-depth discussion. To have so many representatives of the American localization circle to the booth for immersive interaction, I think this is also overseas recognition of the strength of the Chinese industry.

This summit, from the creation of offline eye-catching events to the undertaking of online super star label activities, has played a strong role in promoting our subsequent transactions. On the other hand, we also learned some trend insights of the local market through the site.

Although the summit has ended, but the impact of the summit is still continuing, we will wait and see...


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