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Visiting Germany by an investigation and exchange delegation to Europe

23 Apr


On April 21, Dr. Cao Zhenlei, Director of the Household Paper Professional Committee of China Paper Association, Cao Baoping, Deputy Secretary General of the Household Paper Professional Committee of China Paper Association/Assistant General manager of China Pulp and Paper Research Institute Co., LTD., and a total of 14 people from Hengan, Vinda, Jinhongye, Nursing Jia, New Feeling, Cabu International and other sanitary products enterprises, Visited Kohn Fiber GMBH in Germany.

On the evening of April 20, German Kohn Fiber held a welcome dinner. Christin Schweiger, Commissioner of Kelheim County, and Craig Barker, CEO of Kohn Fiber, Germany, warmly welcomed the visitors.

2023 is the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Household paper Professional Committee of China Paper Association. On the morning of April 21, Director Cao Zhenlei presented a well-prepared souvenir of the 30th anniversary of the committee to the CEO of Keen Fiber.

The visit included two parts: technical exchange and production line visit. Ira Frankenberger, Natalie Wunder, new business developers at Koen Fibers GMBH, and Dominik Mayer, fiber and application developer, gave a technical share entitled "Viscose fibers for Hygiene and Personal Care Products." As mentioned in the share, Koen not only provides biodegradable viscose fibers for disposable sanitary products, but also the company's newly developed viscose fibers can be applied to reusable women's menstrual pants and baby diapers. And can adjust the fiber characteristics according to the application requirements of different structures such as the product surface layer, the flow guide layer, the absorption core and the bottom film, such as adjusting the size and structure of the fiber, improving the fiber cross-section, etc., while improving the product performance, help the sustainable development of the product.

The group then visited the production plant of Koen Fiber and learned about the closed-loop process suitable for sustainable fiber production.

Kohn Fibers GMBH is the world's leading producer of specialty viscose fibers and has pioneered the innovative concept of fully biodegradable AHP specialty viscose fibers, which has won several awards.

Koen Fiber products are made from 100% wood pulp from PEFCTM or FSC© certified sources and are fully biodegradable, providing an environmentally sound alternative to petroleum-based materials for many end products while maintaining or even improving product performance. All products are made in Germany, the production process complies with the strict German environmental regulations, uses the closed-loop concept and efficient plant operations to effectively save valuable resources, is the world's first viscose fiber manufacturer with EMAS certified environmental management system.


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